You Are Not Tired

You are not tired.

You are bored, frustrated, stuck in a routine you that don’t know how to change. You are going through the motions of a life, of a situation, a circumstance that you believe is it for you. You think you are the many labels that you wear, Mother, Father, Caregiver, Manager, Employee, Student, Millennial, blah, blah blah.

But you are NOT tired. If someone ran into the room that you are in and screamed “Fire, the room next door is on fire. We have to get out now!” You would get out of there and fast!

OR someone runs in and says, “There is a woman outside handing out $100 dollar bills.” You’d go to see….if only to see if it was true. Your curiosity would move you there.

You are not tired!

You have no idea how much energy you have, until you must have it. Then you find that you can get moving, you can get exited you can get interested.

And that is all you really need, to get moving, to get excited and to get interested.

Once you do that you will find that your energy increases because you have built momentum. You have introduced something new into your life to get interested and excited about.

Stop telling yourself that you are tired, your body and brain are listening to everything you say.            You hear yourself, LOUD and CLEAR!

Give yourself the gift of curiosity, of possibility.

Give yourself the permission to move toward things that you are attracted to and see where they take you.

Use your energy and as you do you will always find that it increases and is there for you when you need it.

You only need to tap into it!


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