What Should You Accept?

You should just accept the fact that this is the way you’re going to look at this age. Maybe this is just the way your body will be at this stage of your life.”

That’s what she said to me. The doctor I was seeing at the time that I was talking to about gaining weight because I was in perimenopause.

Her words really struck me and brought me down for quite a while.

I thought I wasn’t going to be able to lose the 20 lb that I had gained. I believed that I wasn’t going to get back to feeling stronger, and healthier. I let her words get into my head. I had to fight to find my way back to myself again. I tried going to a personal trainer and that traditional route didn’t work for me. The program wasn’t much different than what I was already doing for myself anyway.

I had to work hard at getting to know myself at this stage in life.

Here’s what I did

  1. I examined what perimenopause and menopause meant to me.

I knew that there was an emotional component to all this weight gain, depression and anxiety. So, I looked at what was happening emotionally.  I realized that perimenopause made me feel old!  I didn’t even want to be associated with the word menopause!

  1. What can I control?

My reaction!  I have control over what the above means to me and what I choose to do about it.

I began to accept this stage in my life as just that, a stage in my life, not a death sentence, not an end!

It’s a menoPAUSE not a FULL STOP! I started to gain MOMENTUM

  1. What I did?

I got back to being ME!

I reconnected to myself

I pushed her words out of my head and moved forward taking care of myself.

I love to exercise, and exercise hard!  I got back to doing those routines that challenge me.

Eating only whole unprocessed foods and drinking lots of water.

Now I’m really getting excited about what I can do and how I can make The Change to this stage in my life!

Have you had a time in your life when someone said something to you, and you couldn’t shake it? Did someone make a comment to you that you knew influenced you in a way that you didn’t like? Reply here or message me so that we can have a conversation about it, I would love to work with you.

To you and your health!

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