Game Over After the First Goal

When watching the hockey game the other night, I saw the Toronto Maple Leafs lose after the very first goal was scored by the Boston Bruins.

It was written all over their faces. They felt defeated because a goal had been scored. They let it get into their head that they were losing, and it cost them the game.

But it was only a goal it wasn’t the game. And this happens to me as well at times something happens to set me back and I’m almost ready to throw in the towel and give up on the whole game rather than to keep pushing through.

And like this team even though I knew I had done it before, they had beaten the Boston Bruins earlier in the series and could have kept doing it they gave up, in their minds You could see there was a shift and they were then fighting from a place of fear, fear of losing and their emotions got control and they weren’t able to pull it off.

Lesson learned here is to not let small things set you back you’re still in the game you can keep playing, and winning

Don’t count yourself out until it is actually done

Here are some practices from sports psychologists that you can use in your everyday life

  1. Mental Rehearsal

“Studies show that the parts of the brain that are used when thinking about a task are the same ones used when actually doing it,” says sports psychologist Shane Murphy.

You can mentally rehearse anything you are working on.  Any goal or project that you are working on.

You can also mentally rehearse failing and getting back up.

You can mentally rehearse what you will do when things get rough and you have to restart.

If you do this your mind will know what to do and you will not hesitate and be scared.

  1. One Word Triggers

Key words help you get connected with the way you want to feel,” says Wayne Halliwell, Ph.D., of the University of Montreal.

Mantras and affirmations are great for keeping you focused on what it is you need to do.  They can help to keep you motivated.

You can break it down to one simple key word.

It can be something like ‘focus’ if you know your mind will wonder or ‘calm’ if you know you may panic.

  1. Tune out the Negativity – Yours and Theirs

“Letting negative thoughts sink in can rattle your nerves, so when rivals try to play mind games, consider it a compliment.” says Nicole Detling Miller, Ph.D., a professor at the University of Utah.

In sports, players are often trying to psych each other out.

In our everyday lives this can happen as well. You may notice that people are watching what you’re doing because you’re doing things differently.

You may find that you are watching yourself as well and you will sometimes talk yourself down. Your doubts, fears and inexperience in any new area can cause you to slow your own progress.

Tune out that negativity. Keep yourself focused on your goal and what you’re trying to achieve. It will help you get through those difficult times.

And as the quote states above turn it into a compliment that people are watching you.

They may just be curious about where you are going. So, turn it into a compliment that people are interested in what it is that you are doing

  1. Relaxed Focus

“One way to calm an overactive mind is by using diversionary tactics,” says Sian Beilock, Ph.D., a psychologist at the University of Chicago.

Relaxed Focus means that you are not hyper aware of every move you are about to make or everything around you. Being in hyperaware state can cause you to over react. Or your emotions can get the better of you and you do not allow muscle memory or your past experience to help you flow through your actions.

It is better to have a relaxed focus that says I know what I am doing and I can simply take this steps I need to get me there.  This involves trusting yourself and letting go of perfection and absolute control.

These 4 techniques can help you to stay in the game of life and not count yourself out before you have even really started!

If you would like to take this further an really commit to working on yourself please send me a message now and let’s get you working on your goals!

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