Inner Beauty – My Interview with BeautiMark Pro

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We sat down with a well respected well being coach in Oakville, and had an amazing conversation about beauty, and what it really means. Are we using makeup to cover up the flaws on our skin, or to add a touch of glamour. The answer may be different for each individual, and Amanda can help with the inner beauty aspect well before your big day comes, so you are ‘walking down the isle ready’!

So what is the secret to true beauty? How do you get that ‘lit from within glow’?

These are questions everyone wants to know the answers to, and may spend years trying to find out how.

But first let me ask you a few other very important questions.

When you walk down the aisle what do you want people to see?

What is the first thing you want them to notice about you? Your beautiful your dress? Your gorgeous hair and the fresh colours of your makeup?

(done by BeautiMark Pro obviously

Yes, of course you do! But you also want them to see the rest of YOU!

YOU, walking confidently down the isle looking and feeling as beautiful, radiant and amazing on the inside as you do on the outside.

As you walk down the isle, and your guests see you for the first time, they will see the dress, the hair, the make up. And YOU, as a whole. They will see your beauty in the way that you carry yourself. Your confidence and inner beauty will shine through more than anything else that you wear that day.

When you are feeling good about yourself on the inside it shows on the outside. Your eyes are brighter, you walk taller, you naturally and playfully smile more. You are your truest, and best self that you can be.

When you take good care of your physical, mental and spiritual health, it will effortlessly shine through.

So how do you accomplish this? How do you get naturally glowing fresh skin, shinny hair, feeling amazing on the inside and a dash of self confidence?

Its the million dollar question! And we have the answers.

As a Life and Well being Coach, Amanda DaCosta, who works with women on this subject on a regular basis.

Here are some TIPS to help you find your inner glow and let it show!

Remove all Judgement

To make changes to yourself and your behaviours, you need to first look at those habits without judging them or yourself. You cannot feel good about yourself if you are judging or putting yourself down.

Once the judgement is gone you can make more conscious decisions and choices.

Learning to recognize the foods that give you energy and the foods that are zapping you of energy.

Learning to recognize the habits, self talk and behaviours that are also draining your energy.

Turning these healthy habits into behaviours that last is essential.

The success of all of this depends on four main steps:

“I am your cheerleader. In my mind you have already achieved your goal, I won’t ever give up on believing in you. I am your ‘tough love’ coach who is going to make sure you follow through because I know how important it is to you.

As your coach I provide these crucial elements to lead you to your ultimate goal.

I will show you how to set up the conditions for inevitable success. And we will do this together in a way that fits into your busy lifestyle. Because I know all too well, planning a wedding can get hectic!

The inner beauty tools that I teach, will be yours for the rest of your life. When people see you years from now, not only will they see that you and your partner are just as in love as you were on your wedding day, they will also see that you are just as beautiful as you were too!

Congratulations on your up coming wedding I look forward to working with you.

-Inner beauty is eternal beauty. Let’s show the world the beauty of you!”

Renee Osman

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